Collection: Antonio Suárez

Antonio Suárez (Gijón 1923 – 2013, Madrid) was one of the greatest representatives of Spanish art of the 20th century, remembered founder of the El Paso Group and one of the classics of the wide list of Spanish abstract painting.

Suárez makes a painting with abstract results but with a figurative base. Chromatically, it evolves from the dark tones of his time in El Paso, to the later luminous and soft colors. His painting, always emotional, transmits an internalized plastic discourse from the postulates of informalism.

He has held exhibitions in cities around the world and his work has been present in Biennales such as Venice or Sao Paulo.

His work is part of, among others, the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias, the Reina Sofía, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, ​​the University of Oviedo, the Museum of Abstract Art of Cuenca and the museums of Seville, San Francisco , Bilbao, Leverkusen and Austin.