Collection: Eduardo Vicente

Eduardo Vicente Pérez (Madrid, 1909 - idem May 9, 1968) was a Spanish painter. He participated in the town Museum launched by the Pedagogical Missions. After the Spanish Civil War he participated in the Exhibitions and Salons organized by the Brief Academy of Art Criticism. He was the younger brother of the Spanish-American painter Esteban Vicente.

In 1948 he traveled to New York with a scholarship and was able to reunite with his brother Esteban, also a painter, exiled in the United States, a country in which he became a citizen and made a career as a member of the school of abstract art in the city of skyscrapers. In 1951 he was a member of the Jury of the First Hispanic-American Art Biennial and invited to the Venice Biennale.

He participated in the gatherings at the Gijón cafe, it became fashionable and the critic Manuel Sánchez Camargo included it in 1954 in his book Contemporary Spanish Painting and in the non-existent but highly commented "Madrid school." However, starting in 1957, the appearance of the group "El Paso", informalism, "Other Art" and avant-garde Pop, plunged his painting into that of the group of the forgotten. from the group of the forgotten.