Collection: Eusebio Sempere

Eusebio Sempere Juan (Onil, Alicante, April 3, 1923 - Onil, April 10, 1985) was a Spanish sculptor, painter and graphic artist representative of the creative movement of kinetic art.

The stay in Paris gave the artist the opportunity to undertake, starting in 1953, a coherent and slow work of plastic research, which concluded with a personal work. This project was presented in April 1955 at the exhibition Le mouvement, at the Galerie Denise René. His research would continue through his gouache drawings on Canson paper, and through his luminous reliefs. These reliefs would also be presented in the summer 1955 edition of the Salon des réalités nouvelles.

In 1949 at the Mateu Arte Gallery in Valencia, and in 1961 at the Ateneo in Madrid. In 1965 he exhibited in Madrid at Juana Mordó; In 1973 he participated in the I International Sculpture Exhibition on Calle de Santa Cruz in Tenerife and in 1975 in the Rayuela Gallery in Madrid. In 1980, an anthological exhibition organized by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. In 1985 his Graphic Work 1946-1982 was exhibited at the Bilbao headquarters of the Bank of Bilbao. In 1998, posthumous anthological exhibition at the Valencian IVAM.