Collection: Francisco Molina Montero

An artist from Jaén, Molina studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid. He is currently a professor and director of the current Taller del Prado gallery, in Madrid.

Classified within the new Madrid school, his work began to gain momentum in the mid-90s, a time in which he received numerous awards.

He mainly works on genres such as landscape and still life. After an evening of abstraction, with a vigorous brushstroke and great chromatic harmony, little by little the artist presents the shapes of the objects that populate his canvases. In oil on canvas or on board, in recent years he has added fabrics and different materials, creating collages full of strength and in which you can admire the masterful combination of colors on the canvas.

Throughout his artistic career he has received numerous awards. He has taken his work to numerous national exhibitions, part of which is housed in museums throughout Spain.