Collection: George Braque

Georges Braque (Argenteuil-sur-Seine, May 13, 1882-Paris, August 31, 1963) was a French painter and sculptor. One of the initiators of cubism along with Pablo Picasso.

Georges Braque had some early Fauvist moments. In the summer of 1907 he painted in L'Estaque, the place where Cézanne painted, a series of "linear" landscapes that were already pre-Cubist.

There are two phases in his cubism. In a second period he painted pictures with superimposed surfaces and angular planes, composing with cubes; He used few chromatic tones. He then went through a phase of "analytical cubism" (1909-1912), in which objects were decomposed into facets to the point of being unrecognizable. In a third moment he cultivated "synthetic cubism", that is, with compositional unity. He promoted this trend of synthetic cubism more than Picasso.

Upon the return of the First World War, he developed his own style, with form linked to color. Represents large figures. Paint some landscape. And above all, he creates a multitude of still lifes with a similar structure.

After World War II he painted paintings of birds and studies.