Collection: Guillermo Oyágüez Montero

Guillermo Oyágüez Montero (b. Málaga; 1970) is a Spanish painter.

From the beginning of his career he opted for figurative art, evolving over the years from a less intense chromatic palette to a much more colorful one, influenced by his trips to North and Central America, especially to the Mexican island of Holbox. In fact, color management is noted as one of its best qualities.

Under the influence of one of his teachers and benefactor, José Sánchez Carralero, he began working on landscape themes. With his first trip to Tunisia to participate in the Biennial of that country, another recurring motif of his painting also began: travel and the foreign. His time in the United States and the aforementioned Mexico would continue this trend.3​ The vast majority of his landscapes are characterized by a direct absence of human beings, who appear occasionally.