Collection: Joan Ponç

Joan Ponç i Bonet (Barcelona, ​​November 28, 1927 - Saint-Paul-de-Vence, April 4, 1984) was a Spanish painter considered one of the most representative artists of the first post-war avant-garde. In 1948 he was one of the founders of the Dau al Set group.

Joan Ponç's work was a reflection of his tormented life, turning drawing and painting into his refuge. He began painting when he was young, working at night by the light of the low-power light bulbs that existed in the postwar period. His painting presents ghostly images that are simultaneously painful and tortured, in which the subconscious is the protagonist. For Ponç, art is nothing more than an introduction to the mystery and secrets that the spirit contains. More of a draftsman than a painter, his work is detailed and meticulous.