Collection: Manuel Hernández Mompó

Manuel Hernández Mompó (Valencia, October 10, 1927-Madrid, January 25, 1992) was a Spanish painter.

He was one of the most prominent figures of the Spanish generation of the 1950s linked to abstraction. Without belonging to any group or ascribing to any style, he began researching in the field of figuration, evolved towards abstract art and ended up finding his own language.

In 1968 he was selected for the Venice Biennale where he obtained the UNESCO Prize. In the seventies, he focused his research on light and color on methacrylate, to enter, in 1981, the field of sculpture, making bent metal sheets that maintain the imprint of white and gray of his previous works.

In 1984 he obtained the National Prize for Plastic Arts and in 1992 the Spanish Ministry of Culture awarded him, posthumously, the Gold Medal for merit in Fine Arts. Throughout his career he held a large number of individual and group exhibitions and his work is represented in numerous museums: Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia, IVAM, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo Sevilla, Museo de Arte Spanish Abstract from Cuenca or the Museum of Modern Art in Gothenburg.