Collection: Olivier Debré

Olivier Debré (Paris, April 14, 1920 - Ibid., June 2, 1999) was a French painter, teacher at the French École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts.

In the years 1950-55, the great "character signs" are found in ink drawings. Around 1960, his work openly changed direction, certainly as a result of his encounter in the United States with the masters of abstract expressionism (Kline, Rothko, Olitski). Debré sometimes paints huge canvases (by sliding a kind of brush-broom over the canvas spread on the floor). He also designed a postage stamp, stained glass windows, several stage curtains for the Comédie Française, the Hong Kong Opera and the new Shanghai Opera in China, as well as mural frescoes for the Abbesses Theater in Paris.

He represented France at the Montreal World's Fair in 1967.