Collection: Ouka Leele

Bárbara Allende Gil de Biedma, known by her stage name Ouka Leele (Madrid, June 29, 1957-Madrid, May 24, 2022),1 was a Spanish artist, painter, poet and photographer. He won the National Photography Award in 2005.

His stage name has its origins in a work by the painter "El Hortelano", a star map invented entirely by him, in which a star called "Ouka Leele" appeared. Bárbara Allende Gil de Biedma was amazed by this word and decided that she wanted to sign her works like this.

Ouka Leele's work is very personal and recognizable; With a certain pop aesthetic and themes close to theatricality, his characteristic colored black and white photographs are, in his own words, pure "visual poetry, a way of speaking without using words." "Independence of criteria and originality are two marks that characterize the entire plastic and literary work of Ouka Leele."

His work was exhibited in cities such as Paris, London, Tokyo, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Beijing, Rome, Buenos Aires, Cologne and New York, among others.