Collection: Pablo Serrano

Pablo Serrano Aguilar (Crivillén, Teruel, February 10, 1908 – Madrid, November 26, 1985) was a Spanish sculptor. He is considered one of the most important Spanish artists of the 20th century.

After beginning his career in South America, he gained international fame upon settling in Spain in 1955. Co-founder of the El Paso Group in 1957, he promoted avant-garde art in the peninsula, making everything from expressionist to purely abstract sculptures, in addition to cultivating graphic art. It is worth highlighting the strong humanist concern that permeates all of his work, dealing with topics such as communication or the human capacity to open up to others.

He obtained great recognition, especially after his participation in the XXXI Venice Biennale in 1962, and today his works are part of the most important collections in the world. At the end of his life he created a foundation to disseminate his work and that of other artists, which is at the origin of the Pablo Serrano Aragonese Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture (IAACC) in Zaragoza.