Collection: Victor Vasarely

Vásárhelyi Győző, known as Victor Vasarely, April 9, 1906 – Paris, March 15, 1997) was an artist who has often been considered the father of op art.

Vasarely left Hungary and settled in Paris in 1930 working as a graphic artist. Here he developed his first major work, zebra, which is considered the first work of op art. He developed his own model of geometric abstract art using diverse materials but using a minimum number of shapes and colors.

In 1982 154 specially created silkscreens were taken into space by astronaut Jean-Loup Chrétien, aboard the Soviet spacecraft Salyut 7 and later sold for the benefit of UNESCO. In 1987, the second Hungarian Vasarely museum was established in the Zichy Palace in Budapest, with more than 400 works.