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Rafael Canogar

Rafael Canogar

Rafael Canogar


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Rafael Canogar's artistic style is characterized by his abstract expressionism and his ability to create works that explore the tension between form and color. His graphic work reflects a deep emotional introspection and a search for the essence of the human experience. Through lines and shapes in constant transformation, Canogar manages to convey a sensation of movement and energy, allowing him to capture the complexity of existence through the simplicity of his compositions. His graphic pieces are a testament to his mastery of visual experimentation and his ability to evoke deep emotions in the viewer.

Graphic work signed and numbered by Rafael Canogar.

The paper has some marks and slight ripples.

  • Año: 1989

  • Medidas del papel: 70 x 50.5cm

  • Técnica: Screen printing, Collage

  • Edición: 100 copies

  • Ejemplar: The numbering of the purchased work may differ from that seen in the images shown. In each copy the measurements may vary in mm.


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