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François Maréchal

François Maréchal

François Maréchal

The Testament of Don Quxote (III)

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Marechal, artist of the drama of man and chronicler of social injustice, finds in this plot of the misfortunes of the fantastic hero from La Mancha an excellent opportunity to achieve customary plenitudes. The procedures used by Marechal, master of practically all the techniques of the art of printing, especially woodcut, have significantly enriched the collection.

Original engraving hand signed by the artist.

  • Medidas del papel: 38 x 27.5 cm – (31.5 x 24.5 cm stain)

  • Técnica: Woodcut

  • Edición: 195 copies

  • Ejemplar: The numbering of the purchased work may differ from that seen in the images shown. In each copy the measurements may vary in mm.


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