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Fernando Bellver

Fernando Bellver

Fernando Bellver

Fruit platter. animated series VI

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Fernando Bellver's artistic style in his graphic work is a masterful synthesis of realism and surrealism. His meticulous and detailed approach to the representation of objects and figures contrasts with dreamlike and symbolic elements that permeate his compositions. Bellver uses a rich and varied color palette, often with vibrant colors and dark tones, to create an evocative and enigmatic atmosphere. His graphic works often explore universal themes such as identity, memory and human nature, juxtaposed with unexpected elements that defy logic, inviting the viewer to reflect on the complexity of life and human psychology.

Due to its age, the paper may present some marks and signs of aging.

Original graphic work signed and numbered by Fernando Bellver.

  • Año: 2004

  • Medidas del papel: 100x70cm

  • Técnica: Serigraphy

  • Edición: 25 copies

  • Ejemplar: The numbering of the purchased work may differ from that seen in the images shown. In each copy the measurements may vary in mm.


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