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Eduardo Arranz-Bravo

Eduardo Arranz-Bravo

Eduardo Arranz-Bravo

Homage to Catalonia (Catalan edition)

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272-page book bound in Regentleinen cloth with stamping on the cover. Format 19 x 29 cm. It contains several illustrations and an etching by Eduardo Arranz-Bravo. (The red case in the image is not included) George Orwell, one of the great names in English literature of this century, was just a young writer when he decided to come to Spain to write about the civil war. The result of his stay in Catalonia, in 1937, was a testimonial book that became one of the most important written documents in our recent history. Originally published in English, the book Homage to Catalonia has been the subject of numerous editions. However, the one we present here is unique for two reasons: it is the first edition in Catalan according to the version revised during George Orwell's lifetime and it has been designed as a true bibliographical gem by Eduardo Arranz-Bravo. The beautiful drawings of the Catalan artist illustrate the delicacy, idealism and respect shown by Orwell when describing, with exquisite independence, the difficult political situation of revolutionary Barcelona.
  • Año: 1996

  • Medidas del papel: 22.5 x 17.5cm

  • Técnica: Etching

  • Edición: 125 copies

  • Ejemplar: The numbering of the purchased work may differ from that seen in the images shown. In each copy the measurements may vary in mm.


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