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Antoni Clavé

Antoni Clavé

Antoni Clavé

L'Émerveillé Merveilleux, Hommage to Joan Miró

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Original etching signed and numbered by hand by the artist.

Clavé began in traditional techniques: lithography (1941) and etching (1964), although his recognition within the Spanish graphic scene is due to his experimental and innovative vocation, by taking the plastic capacity of engraving to the extreme through the use of the technique of carborundum (1968), that of embossing or stamping on an aluminum offset plant (1972). These techniques allow him to expand on a more abstract language and the resulting work becomes more complex in terms of its subject matter.

The greatest artistic difference between Clavé and other engravers is the fact that Clavé carried out the engraving himself in all its phases, thus maintaining total and absolute responsibility for the authorship of the work carried out by him alone.

  • Año: 1973

  • Medidas del papel: 50x40.2cm

  • Técnica: Embossed, Carborundum, Collage

  • Edición: 80 copies

  • Ejemplar: H.C.


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