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Joan Miró

Joan Miró

Joan Miró

Les Mains comes out

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Les Mains Sales" (1977) by Joan Miró is a provocative piece that questions the human condition and war. This black and white lithograph features ink-stained hands and intricate lines that suggest a sense of confusion and anguish. Miró uses his style characteristic for conveying intense emotions, exploring the duality of creativity and destruction in humanity. The work is a reminder of the complexity of the human experience and the ability of art to express deep feelings in a raw and powerful expression.

Original graphic work signed and numbered by hand by Joan Miró.

  • Año: 1975

  • Medidas del papel: 74.5 x 114cm

  • Técnica: Lithography, Aquatint

  • Edición: 50 copies

  • Ejemplar: 17/50


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