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Sam Francis

Sam Francis

Sam Francis

Untitled (Papierski Portfolio - SF 350)

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The untitled print (Papierski Portfolio – SF 350) by Sam Francis is a work that reflects his characteristic approach to the use of color and light. Francis, known for his abstract and expressionist style, uses bright colors and organic shapes that create a sense of movement and energy. Its engraving technique is based on lithography and screen printing, allowing layers of ink to be superimposed to achieve exceptional depth and luminosity. The work stands out for its vitality and the interaction of colors, inviting a dynamic and emotional visual experience for the viewer.

Original graphic work signed and numbered by Sam Francis.

  • Año: 1992

  • Medidas del papel: 76x56cm

  • Técnica: Lithography

  • Edición: 50 copies in the regular circulation

  • Ejemplar: 3/20 (HC)


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