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Doroteo Arnáiz

Doroteo Arnáiz

Doroteo Arnáiz


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Folder with 12 original etchings, "In the dark corners of my brain, curled up and naked, the extravagant children of my fantasy sleep, silently waiting for Art to clothe them with the word so they can present themselves decently on the world's stage."

This is how Bécquer begins his Symphonic introduction to Rhymes. This emblematic composition of Romanticism will be performed by Doroteo Arnáiz with a surrealist approach. But a certain romantic substance underlies surreality, and thus we will notice in the poet's book its conjunction with a surprising modernity. Furthermore, Arnáiz presents himself to us, thanks to his intaglio resources, as a complete engraver.

  • Técnica: Etching

  • Edición: 195 copies + XXV

  • Ejemplar: The numbering of the purchased work may differ from that seen in the images shown. In each copy the measurements may vary in mm.


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